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Dr Chris Jackson

Non Executive Director

Dr Christopher Jackson is a Chemical Engineering (PhD & BEng) and Business Professional (MBA & Six Sigma). He is a Chartered Fellow of the Energy Institute, the Chair of their H2 and Derivatives Import & Export Technical Working Group and sits on the steering committees for Hydrogen and CCUS. He is also an advisor on the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association’s Hydrogen Safety Forum.

Chris has 25 years’ experience as a board and M&A advisor, consultant, CTO, engineer and auditor in hydrogen and related sectors. His technical, safety and due diligence experience in the Americas, Asia, and Europe spans Hydrogen Infrastructure (Green, Blue & Grey), Electrolysers, Renewables Integration, Refuelling Systems, Energy Storage, Green Ammonia, Methanol, Fuel Cells, Combined Heat & Power, Reformers and CCUS.

Chris has led technical programmes up to 50MUSD in CTO, Technical Authority, Programme Manager, Chemical & Process and Systems Engineering roles; chairing H2 technology and Infrastructure development, design, build, integration, commissioning, testing, certification, type approval and public, industrial and military demonstrations.

In 2020, Chris Co-Founded NewBalance Energy providing techno-commercial diligence for investors and off-take proposals to the largest direct to export Green Hydrogen & Ammonia projects in South America.  In 2016, Chris co-ventured with Fluid Transfer Services company Hydrasun to penetrate the Hydrogen Market in the UK and Europe.  As the Technical Authority of the Hydrasun Hydrogen Venture, Chris has delivered 35+ Hydrogen infrastructure projects.   Chris also led the 3rd party review of the largest UK Electrolyser-based Refinery Safety Study; the pre-FEED for the first UK multi-MWe Green Ammonia Plant; the Investment review for the first 200 and 5GWe SOEC Ammonia deployments in the US; and the Certification of mobile H2 dispensing & tankering systems.

Dr Chris Jackson
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