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Hybrid Direct Air Capture and Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement Projects

Marine Greenhouse Gas Removal can be achieved by an emerging technology called Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement. Surface sea water is chemically modified by the addition of substances to increase its alkalinity (reduce acidity) leading to adsorption of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

This early stage technology has the potential to remove giga tonnes of carbon dioxide and positively impact marine life if implemented well. The ocean is an extremely complex biochemical environment and successful projects will require careful design and rigorous management of environmental risks.

Many feedstocks are proposed but the requirements of the ideal feedstock are demanding. 

Feedstocks must:

  • be more alkaline than seawater

  • be soluble in seawater at meaningful rates

  • be available in sufficient quantities

  • have low embodied carbon

  • not introduce toxic metals into the marine food chain

Our Zero Carbon Magnesium Oxide will meet and exceed these criteria for Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement Projects

High Alkalinity

Saturated Magnesium Oxide has a pH of 10.3, this is approximately 2 pH points higher than most surface sea waters

Soluble in Seawater

Magnesium Oxide is soluble in seawater, the rate will be determined by local conditions

Abundant Supply

We produce zero-carbon magnesium oxides by processing magnesium silicate feedstocks in our Direct Air Capture plants.

Magnesium Silicates reserves are abundant, sufficient to remove giga tonnes of carbon dioxide

Approximately two tonnes of magnesium oxide are produced for every tonne of carbon dioxide removed by the plant.

Zero Carbon OAE Feedstock

Magnesium Oxide for Ocean Alkalinity is a Zero  Carbon Co-Product of our Direct Air Capture Plant

Ultra Low Metal Content OAE Feedstock

We reduce the risk of heavy metals being introduced into the marine food chain as  metals are extracted from the mineral feedstock before exporting Magnesium Oxide Ocean Alkalinity Feedstock

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