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Direct Air Capture and Mineralisation

End to End Greenhouse Gas Removal

Our Direct Air Capture and Mineralisation Technology removes historic carbon dioxide emissions from the air and locks them up permanently in mineral form for storage. 

E to E

Ex-Situ Mineralisation of Carbon Dioxide

We build in 1000+ year permanence before storage by using the Magnesium Oxide produced by our process to mineralise the captured CO2, forming a stable mineral magnesium carbonate.

Ex Situ

Terrestrial Storage of Mineralised CO2

Mineralised carbon dioxide can be stored under atmospheric conditions in surface or sub surface sites.


High Value

Our magnesium silicate feedstock contains small quantities of  high value metals. When we break it down to extract the magnesium we need for mineralisation these metal compounds are also released.


Reduced Cost of Carbon Capture

Operating costs are offset by Co-Product revenues driving down the levelised cost of  carbon capture (LCC).

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