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The story so far

Cambridge Carbon Capture, founded on the belief that climate protection and profitability can coexist.

With our initial focus on using CO2 as a fuel in a fuel cell, we were regional winners of Shell Springboard in 2011. This led to the establishment of Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd.

While exploring diverse business models, a pivotal shift in 2014 directed our focus to capturing and mineralising industrial emissions, with the utilisation product serving as a construction material.

In 2020, we achieved a significant milestone by securing a UK Government contract to explore capturing and mineralising CO2 directly from the air.

This breakthrough led to the development of our latest technology platform and subsequent government support for a pilot plant to showcase our revolutionary approach.


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Shell Springboard Winner for CO2 Fuel Cell Technology

CCC Ltd formed to develop fuel cell and mineralization technology converting CO2 emission and magnesium silicates to generate clean energy and construction materials



Our First Patent Granted

The precursor to our current generation of technology

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