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Direct Air Capture With Geological Storage

Hybrid Direct Air Capture with Satellite Carbon Removal Projects

Hybrid Projects combine Direct Air Capture and Geological Storage plants with Satellite Greenhouse Gas Removal plants fed with zero carbon magnesium oxide

Direct Air Capture plants store captured Carbon Dioxide in geological storage infrastructure.

Zero Carbon Magnesium Oxide is exported to Satellite GGR Projects for additional Carbon Dioxide removal.

Carbon Removal  Capacity Multiplier

Additional carbon removals by Satellite Projects are determined by the volume of Magnesium Oxide produced by the DAC plant and can be as high as 2x the capacity of the exporting DAC plant.

High Value

Our magnesium silicate feedstock contains small quantities of  high value metals. When we break it down to extract the magnesium we need for mineralisation these metal compounds are also released.

Reduced Cost of Carbon Capture

The combination of increased capacity and co-product revenues work together to drive down the Levelised Cost of Carbon Capture

Capture costs are lowered by offsetting Co-Product revenues.

Net Carbon Removal is increased by the capacity of Satellite projects

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