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Hybrid Direct Air Capture and Enhanced Weathering Projects

Enhanced Weathering projects accelerate the natural mineralisation process by the spreading ground mineral particles over large areas of land. The high surface area of the particles accelerates the natural mineralisation process. 

Conventional Enhanced Weathering proposals mine natural minerals such as Olivine, grind them into small particles then transport them to EW sites. These have the burden of emissions to produce the minerals and also the potential risk of residual metals leaching into the environment.

A Hybrid Direct Air Capture and Enhanced Weathering Project uses mineral feedstock in the Direct Air Capture process which removes carbon dioxide, extracts residual metals from the feedstock and produces Zero Carbon Magnesium Oxide which is then exported to Satellite Enhanced Weathering Sites to remove even more carbon dioxide over time. 

Passive Carbon Dioxide Removal

Enhanced Weathering is a passive process over extended timescales letting nature do the work to capture and mineralise carbon dioxide .

Small amounts of energy are required to transport and spread  zero carbon magnesium oxide.

Ultra Low Metal Content Enhanced Weathering Feedstock

We extract the metals from our mineral feedstock in our DAC process before exporting Magnesium Oxide Enhanced Weathering Feedstock

Zero Carbon Enhanced Weathering Feedstock

Magnesium Oxide for Enhanced Weathering is a Zero  Carbon Co-Product of our Direct Air Capture Plant

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