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Dr Robert Copcutt

Consultant Engineer

Rob has been a key member of the development team since the beginning conducting some of the first research into Cambridge Carbon Capture’s direct CO2 fuel cell at Cambridge University. Rob has been instrumental in developing our CO2 capture processes and directing our scientific research.

He trained as a Chemical Engineer at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and did his PhD at Middlesex University on high temperature electrochemical sensors. At Keele University he researched solid oxide fuel cells. He then moved to the University of Cambridge where he first worked in the Materials Science and Metallurgy Department under Prof Derek Fray developing a system to produce sodium on demand by electrochemical pumping. He then work on the Cambridge FFC process for the electrochemical refining of stable oxide ores, and has 2 royalty earning patents in the field. He then consulted for CMR Fuel Cells where he worked with the founders of Cambridge Carbon Capture.

Dr Robert Copcutt
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