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Carbon Capture and Mineralisation


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Carbon Capture

Our CO2LOC process permanently removes Carbon dioxide without the need for long-term underground storage.


By rapidly mineralising Carbon emissions we sequester CO by locking it in to low Carbon materials for industrial and construction products.

Our Business

Direct Air Carbon Capture

Point Source Carbon Capture

Low Carbon Materials

Carbon Capture

We capture Carbon Dioxide directly from the air or from the point source of emissions  by scrubbing with an Alkaline solution.



Mineralisation is a chemical process by which Carbon Dioxide becomes a solid Mineral.

The advantage of Mineralisation for Carbon Sequestration is that the process can be irreversible.

Our Mineralisation process is irreversible and rapid.


Carbon Dioxide reacts with the Alkaline Scrubbing Solution to create a high stability Magnesium Carbonate mineral.

Low Carbon Products

The process creates materials from Captured Carbon to make a Low Carbon Industrial and Construction Products.

Broken Concrete
Land Mining

Reprocessing Mining Waste

The feedstock for our capture process will be made by reprocessing Mining Waste

Our process uses a feedstock of Magnesium Silicate to manufacture the Scrubbing Solution.

Magnesium Silicate is one of the Earths most abundant minerals.

Mining waste, or Tailings is  a great ready made source of processed Magnesium Silicate.


By using mine waste we will save significant energy and help clean up the environment

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