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We are working to drive down the levelised cost of carbon removal substantially below the $100/t barrier.


Our technology employs two unique cost reduction mechanisms: co-product revenues and capacity enhancement by hybridisation.


Our Direct Air Capture plants extract high value metal and mineral co-products creating revenues that substantially offset operating costs.


We have two storage options: ex-situ mineralisation or export to geological storage infrastructure.


Ex-Situ Mineralisation enables plants to operate at locations where there is no geological storage infrastructure. Mineralised CO2 can be stored under atmospheric conditions with a permanence > 1000 years.


Where geological storage infrastructure is used, carbon removal capacity can be enhanced by hybridisation, the addition of satellite GGR plants.


Hybrids of DAC plants exporting CO2 for geological storage and magnesium oxide (capture and mineralisation feedstock) to a network of satellite projects have the potential to double the greenhouse gas removal capacity of a stand-alone plant.


Satellite projects include simple point source and mineralisation plants for hard to abate industrial locations or Enhanced Weathering and Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement projects that will remove CO2 directly from the air over an extended timeframe.

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